Hidden Treasures

Cut to San Cristobal

The heroes travedl 3 days over the mountains and came to the outskirts of San Cristobal.  They were stopped by a patrol but quick thinking by Anika and some goats helped the party enter the area un-molested.

Rodrigo found the house of an old friend, but it was abandoned so the heroes made it into a make-shift safe house.  Rodrigo used his Rilasciare contacts to try and reach Hernando but was not able.

So on the next night, they went to the Red Petal and met with Carmen.  Lou realized Carmen was part of Sophia's Daughters but didn't want to blow her cover.  The rest of the party enjoyed the party of Los Barrachos.

Carmen told the ladies that she could help arrange passage out of the city and to meet in the Bishop's square tomorrow morning at 9 am to steal their stuff back, and flee.



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