Hidden Treasures

Escape from San Cristobal

Part 1

The scene opens with Katja, Lou, Anika, and an unidentified woman brought out into a large town square.  They are led up a wooden platform that sits between a large fountain and the open balcony of the Bishop's apartments in the top of the basilica. 

They are to be 'put to the question' in front of the Bishop and the gathered crowd.  Knowing that this is usually fatal for the victims, Rodrigo, Yohan, and Bauldric (with the help of Hernando, Gustavo, Sebastian, and the crew of the Hidden Fortune) make a plan to rescue them.

After the ladies are brought to the platform and the rest of the heroes were in place, Gustavo fires a shot in the air that starts a panic, and the battle began.  Rodrigo went through the Basilica to confront the Bishop up on his balcony, and the rest of the heroes freed the women.  Once free, Anika, Lou, and Katja made quick work of their captors.

Fleeing to the carriage, the heroes made their escape into the town pursued by the City Guards on horseback.  Bauldric used the swivel cannon to clear some of the guards from their tail, but the rough ride through the streets caused the horse yoke shaft snapped.  Rodrigo and Gustavo leapt onto it to try and prevent the horses from running away as well as turn the carriage from crashing into a wall.  Unfortunately, the carriage still crashed, but the heroes jumped into a hay cart and a fish cart near by.

Once off the carriage, the heroes ran for the ship through the docks while some fought the guards to allow the others to escape.

With some clever explosions, the group made it to the Hidden Fortune and were able to flee the bay into open water…



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