Hidden Treasures

The journey to Alta Mira

Once aboard the Hidden Fortune, the group healed and rested.  A few days at sea allowed them time to make friends with the crew and catch up on each other's stories.

The Heroes learned about Anika's past and why she needed to retrieve the artifacts she left behind.  They also learned a few interesting tid-bits about each other.

On the 3rd day, they arrived in Alta Mira and gathered supplies for an over-land return.  The first night they stayed at the hacienda of a local innkeeper named Luciano and his three daughters, Teresa, Luisa, and Margarita.

Rodrigo stayed up and drank bottle after bottle of wine with Luciano and learned that Lucianos wife was murdered by the son of a local Don.  And after Rodrigo went to bed, Luciano left to get revenge on the Don.

The group followed Luciano to the Don's estate, battled through wave after wave of guards, to confront Luciano and the Don's son, Marcos.  In the battle, Marcos escaped… but the group knew he would come after Luciano and his family – so they returned as quickly as possible and helped the family escape with them over the mountains towards San Cristobal.



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