Hidden Treasures

The Story so far...

Previously on “Hidden Treasures”….
With Katja (Greta) already in Castille for the last 2-3 months, she has been working with Rodrigo (Dan) to set up meetings with his Rilasciare contacts.  She hopes that someone within the Free Thinkers Society can help her get her father released from prison, but the loose organization has not been quick to trust a 'young noble girl from that backwater country'.  At their last meeting with Rodrigo's contact, Katja gave him a few copied sketches from her father's journal to show them that there could be a huge benefit from helping her rescue her father…
Meanwhile, Bauldric(Aidan) and Lou(Claudia) set out to find his sister.  Leaving Montaigne, they booked passage on the merchant ship, 'The Hidden Fortune', to travel to the Gallegos province of Un-occupied Castille to discover her fate.  The captain of the 'Fortune', a large Vesten named "Captain Yohan"(Ed), took an instant liking to Lou.  He was fascinated by this young Montaignian woman that was just as tough as anyone he'd ever met.  Over the month-long voyage, Bauldric and Lou became good friends with Yohan.  During the last week of their trip, the Fortune was attacked by a Vodacce privateer brigantine.  It was then that The Hidden Fortune's true colors flew up the mast.  Hidden heavy gun ports opened, unleashing hell at the Vodacce vessel.  Captain Yohan and his crew moved like veterans and soon had their attacker at their mercy.  Captain Yohan divided his crew and 1/2 of his men boarded and took control of the brigantine.  Yohan told them to sail for 'home' with the prize while he continued to Castille.  It was then that Lou and Bauldric understood that Yohan was a member of the Pirate Isles. 
At first, Bauldric grew angry and attempted to duel Yohan, but Lou interceded.  Yohan then told his tale of how he was imprisoned unjustly, and Bauldric realized that sometimes justice is not the letter of the law. 
They made port where Yohan's skeleton crew offloaded their goods, and Lou and Bauldric tried to find out what happened to his sister from Lou's contact in town.  It turned out that his sister had been captured by the local Inquisition and had been sent to a cathedral dungeon for judgement and 'questioning'. 
Yohan pledged he and his crew's support to help break her out.  Under cover of darkness they assaulted the dungeon, but the Inquisition was ready for them.  Somehow, they had been warned.  Yohan and Bauldric were able to escape, but Lou was captured…  Her trial was to begin in 40 days after her 'questioning' had been completed.
At the same time, Katja and Rodrigo had met with their contact again.  He put them in touch with a local member of the Invisible College operating out of a legal office in town.  When they went to meet him, they were captured in an Inquisition raid.  Katja was thrown in a cell with a Montaignian woman who turned out to be Lou, and Rodrigo was sent to El Inmundo, a dungeon under El Catedral del Penitente.
Katja and Lou languished in the Inquisition prison for 3 weeks while Baudric and Yohan plotted their rescue.  But Rodrigo's Rilasciare friends were able to free him during a prisoner transport due to the lower dungeon becoming flooded (caused by the Rilasciare of course).
Rodrigo told them about his friend, Katja, who was still imprisoned and they began their plot to free her.  While making these plans, they learned of Bauldric and Yohan… and decided to team up.
Kayta, Lou, and Bauldric's sister are all scheduled to be 'put to the question' in the public square.  Since these torture sessions typically end in the death of the 'acusado', the rescuers are planning to free them during the transport from the dungeon to the square.


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